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Cook IP is a law firm specializing in intellectual property rights. We provide legal counsel and services relating to all types of intellectual property, including trademarks, trade dress, trade secrets, copyright, rights of publicity (name, image, likeness), and patents. Whether you are a creator or an owner, we can help you understand, protect, and utilize your intellectual property rights. 

Whom We Serve

We provide counsel and services to anyone with questions about intellectual property. Our clients range from individual creators, such as illustrators, photographers, filmmakers, musicians, and designers, to businesses such as software developers and publishers, to nonprofit organizations. We also provide counsel and representation to those against whom accusations of infringement or misappropriation have been or might be asserted.

Practice Specialties

  • Trademark law functions to both prevent consumer confusion and protect trademark owners from others who use confusingly similar marks. Every business and organization should consider whether and how their current or proposed trademarks will operate in the marketplace.
  • Rights of publicity include the right to prevent others from using one’s name, image, or likeness without permission.
  • Patent law provides a right to exclude others from practicing another’s invention if it is the subject of an issued patent. Cook IP provides counsel concerning any actual or potential patent disputes.
  • Trade secret law offers protection for owners of certain types of information, such as a formula, process, device, method, or compilation, from those who wrongfully take or utilize the information.

We specialize in all aspects of intellectual property, including trademark and copyright registration, licensing, counseling, and enforcement, including cease-and-desist letters, litigation and dispute resolution. We can serve as local counsel in Utah for intellectual property disputes.

  • Trademark
  • Publicity
  • Patent Litigation
  • Trade Secret
Meet Our Founder

Ryan Cook

Ryan Cook worked in software and video game development for over a decade before attending law school. His games have appeared on Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft platforms. Ryan graduated with Honors from the University of Connecticut School of Law, where he focused on and achieved a certificate in intellectual property law. Since graduating law school, Ryan has represented and counseled many clients concerning their intellectual property rights.